Saturday, 14 March 2009

"Run" The Denmark Hill Wolf

Leigh’s sculpture of the wolf , ram, sheep & lamb titled “Run” has been permanently installed on the corner of Grove Lane and Champion Park in Southwark near the Denmark Hill train station.


  1. I think it's really good. I walk past it on the way to the supermarket but didn't notice the ram and sheep for about 3 weeks.
    But the wolf is really sinister - especially if you go up really close. It's so life-like - quite weird to actually touch it.
    I don't know if the rusting is deliberate - I suspect it is - and it adds to the effect. Good eyes/face too.
    A really welcome surprise.
    Stephen. Camberwell

  2. Hello, I travel past the wolf every day on the bus and always have a look to see how the hunt is going. It always cheers me up. The wolf looks like a naughty old man, hunched and menacing.

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  3. A totally beautiful work of art! By the looks of it, you captured the aura of your animal subjects, which makes it real. I wish I can do my own small sculpture with my leftover steel strappings I had on my basement.

    Aside from the artistic standpoint, steel banding seals are totally useful for home improvement purposes. I usually use them for my pipes to keep them in place, and bundling all my old stuffs.

  4. this sculpture always cheers me as i travel past, on foot or sat on the top deck of various buses - lovely touch of the wild, seeming to spill out from the fenced tangle of wilderness that borders the train tracks

    and yes, the gradual onset of rust has really helped it become part of the scenery, in a very positive way. love it

  5. Very Beautiful. Nice concept. I like it.

  6. i want to eat them

  7. wow those are some serious metal sculptures. They look amazing and almost life like and would look great in my yard hiding behind a bush or something so it cast shadows. Anyways great looking work.

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  9. Hi there would love to see them in real life maybe one day great work & blog...
    Jason Australia

  10. I think that it's beautiful and that Leigh did a great job! I used it for my art project! Thanks!