Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Leigh Dyer
Incurva Studios
8-10 West Street,
Old Town,
East Sussex,
01424 424422


  1. I live in Camberwell and just LOVE what you've done near Denmark Hill Station. How did it come about that you did that there? (who do we have to nag to get more around Camberwell). They're just fantastic - thank you.
    Shirley in Camberwell

  2. Hey Leigh its Melinda Frances Lacks daughter im doing an art project and using you as one of the artists (if you dont mind) and I was wondering is it possible if you could send me a picture of the feather you made,if you took a picture that is?
    My email address is
    Hope all is well with you ?

    Mel (:

  3. FYI Some B&W photos of your Run Sculpture are here.

    Its a lovely piece. I'm trying to figure out to incorporate it into an image. got an idea for a twilight portrait of a friend with the wolf picked out in spotlight.

  4. Hi Leigh,

    I live just over the hill from your ram and wolf sculptures and love seeing them every time I go past them on my bike!

    I've just finished a short welding course at Central St Martins and would love to continue with metalwork but don't have any of the equipment necessary. Do you know of any studios with metalwork facilities that you can rent/hire on a pay as you go basis? I'd consider anywhere in the South East!

    All the best,


  5. I just moved from Chicago to Gary, Indiana in an area close to Lake Michigan called Miller Beach. Our community is diverse and eclectic and I KNOW they would LOVE to see one or 100! of your beautiful fish sculptures as an exhibit on our beach. Perhaps we could auction them off after the exhibit for charity. What do you think?