Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Work in Progress

Leigh is currently working on a commission for Southwark council. The commission includes metal sculpted into the realistic form of a wolf, ram, sheep and lamb. Leigh has been working on the Southwark wolf since January 2008 when completed it will be permanently installed at Dog Kennel Hill, Southwark near the Denmark Hill train station.


  1. They're lovely! I've taken a couple of photos:

  2. Really love these. Hooray for public art!

  3. Hi,
    i live in denmark hill and like a lot of people i expect i was walking to the station one day and saw these critters that seemed to appear overnight. now, i'm normally a moaner about the awful modern world but these, i like. cheers man

  4. hey
    I do sculptures of scrap-metal too,i struggle to give detail to the faces of mine.
    Congrats on yours,theyre stunning.